How to stop caring what others think


How to stop caring what others think of you


I am often asked how to stop caring what others think of us. We often avoid saying what we think for fear of what others will think of us, avoid discussions, and accumulate stress during the day.

And sometimes, we worry so much about what others will think of us that we become obsessed with imagining how we will look to others. The freedom to not care about all the things we know we shouldn’t care about, but do, is what attracts us.

Maybe you know someone with that personality who doesn’t care what they think and who seems to get everything he wants without much effort and who seems not to be afraid to do things, which for you would take a lot of preparation time and a lot of courage to act.

He simply does what he wants when he wants, with no apparent reason. That’s why in this post, we are going to figure out how to stop caring what others think of us.



Which are the tips to stop caring what others think of yourself?


  • Accept that you are not good at everything
  • Honestly Answer the Questions People Often Lie About
  • Self-deprecating jokes
  • Praise the people around you


1. Accept that you are not good at everything

Most people try to pretend they’re good at everything and avoid situations where they won’t look good at it.

 With this, the mindset you need to adopt is that nothing is inherently shameful. People look to you to decide if what you said or did is disgraceful. To counteract this, simply smiling or laughing conveys that you are not ashamed of what is happening.

When you start to realize that nothing can make you ashamed, you start not to worry about what others think. For example, most people, when told that they have no talent for something, they have one of two reactions, they either get defensive or they get sad.

In these types of situations, if you laugh and keep smiling, you will show that you are unflappable, and being undaunted by something that tends to offend other people makes you look and feel confident.

But that only works if you can find humor in the situation. Therefore, how can you start building your confidence to find humor in situations you might otherwise feel insecure about?

The trick is


How to stop caring what others think


2. Honestly Answer the Questions People Often Lie About

Often the discomfort, anxiety, and insecurity come from thinking that the truth is not good enough and that you have to lie or pretend that things are different than they are.

As an example, most people, when a friend asks why they are in their current job, avoid saying that they are there for the money, even if his job is clearly money motivated because they think that this is not a reason considered admirable.

They also try to show that their job is not as boring as it is. But contrary to how people act, honesty, when not expected, is something refreshing. It makes people like you and respect you more.

So, if you want to understand how to stop caring what others think or say about you, first, you need to be honest with yourself. Training your brain to understand that you don’t need to be ashamed of who you are, it’s the most important thing.

But remember, this also doesn’t mean you should force your insecurities into the conversation. Just be honest if something comes up.

Most people create a vicious cycle for themselves. They feel insecure, and so they try to hide parts of themselves to be liked by others. With this, they end up just reinforcing their feeling of self-doubt.

Consequently, a trick for you is when you are talking about something you feel potentially not so sure about, use an indifferent tone of voice.



3. Self-deprecating jokes 

Once you feel comfortable with who you are, you can start to play on your insecurities by making jokes about yourself.

The first, simplest way to do this is to say your insecurities aloud. If you want a tip to make sure people laugh when you say it, use your specificity. The key to it all is having fun with yourself.

The point is not for you to make jokes that make other people laugh but, at the same time, make you feel bad.

Therefore, make jokes about things you feel good talking about. Over time, you’ll find yourself letting go of these things and feeling better about yourself. You will start to free yourself from worrying so much about what other people think.

Ironically, you will also appear more confident and more likable to the people around you.


How to stop caring what others think


4. Praise the people around you

This last tip that I’m going to mention now is not directly related to the fact of how to stop caring what others think of us.

It’s just a generally great habit with others that makes them love being around you. We all see characteristics that we admire or envy in other people. This is perfectly normal.

A common mistake that people often make is to keep this feeling to themselves. Contrary to what they think, highlighting what’s good in others won’t make you look worse than them.

Therefore, putting the other person in the center of attention through a compliment not only does not diminish you but it makes you seem friendlier.

The big mental benefit of getting into this habit of praising people is that you stop seeing the world as a competition and start focusing more on yourself. In other words, when you start to see and talk about the qualities in other people, you also have an easier time seeing the good in yourself.

If the idea of complimenting someone directly makes you uncomfortable, you can start by praising them when they’re not around.

But remind that you shouldn’t give compliments if you’re not serious. The purpose of this post is for you to be authentic and put aside your verbal filter to help you know how to stop caring what others think of you.

Consequently, you shouldn’t force yourself to say something nice to someone, but you think otherwise. Instead of that, you should say enjoyable things when you are thinking of them.




These were the four tips for you to understand how to stop caring what others think of you.

Maybe it’s not simple at first, but when you start understanding how to do it, everything becomes easier, and you begin to feel great freedom.

I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you!


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