How to make money on TikTok

How to make money on TikTok

In this post, I will teach you how to make money on TikTok nowadays.

Everyone knows TikTok, and everyone knows how it is becoming one of the most used social networks across the planet. We also see many influencers turning their focus to TikTok rather than other social networks.

TikTok, despite being aimed at a younger audience, works as a market like the others and is also quite commercial.

None of these tips to earn money is based on inviting friends through your link. Let’s see the best ways how to make money on TikTok!


How to make money on TikTok


1. Cross Promoting Platforms

Assuming you already have another social network with some audience, be it Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or YouTube. Consider starting to grow your audience on TikTok to distribute your audience to your other social networks.

 Many users do this. They take advantage of the absurd organic growth that TikTok proposes to grow easily and quickly. Then they transport that audience to their other social media, such as Instagram.

They use TikTok to grow their public, and on Instagram, they create content more focused on selling their products or online courses.

If you still don’t have an established audience, now may be your chance to start building your fan base. Since it’s so easy to grow on this social network, you should be taking advantage of it.

If you notice, there are many examples of influencers who do this. They migrate their audience to other platforms and end up monetizing in some way.

If you take your audience to YouTube, you monetize it with views if you take it to Instagram, you can monetize it with your ad posts.


How to make money on TikTok


2. Paid post and sponsorship on TikTok

These new social media end up having lower-cost marketing for companies. Because of this, it attracts the attention of big brands that are always looking for how to deliver and show their product to a greater number of people at the lowest possible cost.

With this, the post-advertising market has been increasing more and more.



How my friend made money on TikTok?

A friend of mine decided to start producing content on TikTok, and in about four months, she managed to reach almost forty thousand followers.

She also signed her first contract with a big eCommerce brand where she only had to publish sponsored posts. Just for posting these sponsors on her account, she uses to earn 250 euros for each publication.

Imagine making 250 euros for just one post on your TikTok. That is why I say that everyone is capable of it. Your success will depend on two factors: your content’s quality and your engagement with your followers.

Remember, it’s no use having an account with one hundred thousand followers where you only post generic videos and memes. It’s difficult to monetize these types of videos.

Increasingly, brands want to relate to influencers and their influencers to relate with their followers.



3. Posting compilations

This is one of the only ways you can make a lot of money without having to expose your face. And obviously, it is one of the main and most used nowadays.

When you are browsing on YouTube, you must have seen those compilations of funny videos. These videos often reach several million views, and you have no idea who is the person behind this video. So, in the same way, that people are doing it, you can do it too.

People are on TikTok and YouTube looking for something to pass the time and entertain themselves. Either with a funny video, with a video of animals, or of sports.

Therefore you should bet on these compilations, they are not complicated videos to produce, and they are easy to go viral. It is true that whoever arrives first drinks clean water, but there is always room for everyone on TikTok.



4. Selling TikTok accounts

One of the possible ways to make money on TikTok is also creating, growing, and then selling an already large account.

First, you start a generic account posting meme videos, and random videos, with the possibility of growth. Then you grow that account until it reaches 80 or 100 thousand followers and sells it to a third party.

Whoever buys this account will already start with social proof of results and with some authority, which is a great weapon in digital marketing.

Even so, these followers won’t mean a qualified audience because they don’t know who you are. The person who buys the account will have to start the entire process from scratch with an extra, which is the number of followers.

So, in terms of having a loyal and monetizable audience, it won’t work just because of your number of followers.



5. Media consulting and management

Just as this type of work is already quite common on Instagram, you can be the pioneer on TikTok. Starting to bring this to companies and businesses that want to expand their media on TikTok.

If you search on TikTok, you will notice that there are several local business accounts and self-employed professionals that are having tremendous success. With this expansion, they manage to attract a lot of new clients because of that source. 

People like doctors, dentists, personal trainers, real estate agents, online sales specialists, influencers, restaurants, and many others. All of these people are seeking to expand their business and attract more customers to their portfolios.

So basically, I develop a strategy where I show how to produce specific content to attract audiences. The goal is for them to stand out, and in this way, they can attract more customers and make more sales.




These were the five ways how you make real money on TikTok. Learn these techniques and execute them, and you will see that you will have results.

I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you!


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