How to impress someone you like

How to impress someone you like

It is quite common and frustrating to be embarrassed in front of a person we intend to impress. Staying like this is doubly negative because these are situations that can lead us to a new job, create a connection with someone important or even impress someone we care about.

That’s why in this post, let’s see how you can impress someone and avoid this uncomfortable silence trap. You can stand out in an incredibly positive way following these tips.

How to impress someone?


  1. Make wonderful questions
  2. Share some knowledge
  3. Talk about things that generate emotion
  4. Provoke the other person
  5. Agree and disagree


How to impress someone you like


1. Make wonderful questions

Getting the question right is especially important when you want to impress someone. The right question can make the other person feel special and, as a result, impressed with you.

You must sometimes feel that you have already answered the same question countless times. If you’ve ever come home from college or vacation and heard a bunch of questions like “how was it?”. If so, you’ve probably already realized that it’s boring.

Therefore, don’t look for the obvious if you want to impress someone. A much better strategy is to empathize with the person and ask yourself what kind of questions they get asked all the time. Then try to ask a question that goes beyond the obvious.

Of course, questions like this become easier when you get to know the person better. So, implementing this in your life is a great strategy to make the right question.

If you go to a networking event or a job interview, read about the person or company first. The idea is to get to the point where you don’t have to ask how that person got started in their career or what their area of expertise is.

By doing this, you will be showing at the same time the respect you have for the person, and it is impossible for them not to like you and accept you in their company.



2. Share some knowledge

Another great trick you can use to impress someone is to share a bit of knowledge of the area of the person you want to connect with. When asking a question, you can show off some of your knowledge about the subject and the person.

Of course, the person knows his past, but it creates a clear difference between you and other people.

In your life, demonstrating knowledge in the person’s field is a fantastic way to start a conversation if they are known. Doing this fits amazingly when you meet the person, for example, at an event.

Another example is when you’re contacting the person for the first time via email. A sentence or two about a specific, little-known part of the person’s work is something that immediately sets you apart from the others.

It’s not worth being afraid of. Be confident when displaying your knowledge in a way that impresses the other person. But remember, you can’t fall into the trap of making the conversation monotonous. One or two sentences at the beginning are more than enough.

The idea here is to connect with another individual personally, which takes us to the next point.


How to impress someone you like


3. Talk about things that generate emotion

Talking about things related to the other person’s passions is a great strategy. Talking about these topics is important.

Many times when we meet someone we admire, we go straight to the practical things we would like to know, and we end up forgetting emotional things. Questions like how it started? What do you recommend for someone my age? How would you start today?

These questions, in addition to being the most common that a public or successful person hears, do not make him think at an emotional level.

You can direct questions to get an emotional response just by using the terms better or worse. These comparisons make one have to think about their passion.

When you ask about the low points, and that thing makes them sad, the person is more likely not to talk about it. But when you ask them about frustrating things, they can talk until you get tired. Because when you open that door, it can be very satisfying to vent about what does irritate them.

Their enthusiasm will skyrocket when you talk about their passions or the things that frustrate them. Therefore, when you manage to increase the emotional charge of the person, the focus ends on you, and they might be impressed.



4. Provoke the other person 

Provoking and banter are crucial in an enjoyable conversation. Being willing to joke around demonstrates one of the most important things people overlook when meeting someone they admire. Which is to be open to taking risks and having fun with the situation

Sometimes we can be afraid of making a mistake or turning the moment into something so embarrassing that we become totally without fun. The bad consequence is that we do not stand out and don’t show our charm.

Consequently, notice if you tend to be particularly literal when you get nervous. If yes, try to make more jokes when you are around people you want to impress.

An uncomplicated way to apply this is to not answer every question you are asked seriously.


How to impress someone you like


5. Agree and disagree

In the presence of a person we admire many times, we also feel uncomfortable giving an opinion. Sometimes we disagree with the person, but we don’t say anything.

You can disagree with someone rightly, and that’s not why the person will admire you less or more. You just need to emphasize the part where you agree before talking about the part where you don’t.

I mean that when you want to impress someone, you shouldn’t silence your thoughts just to appear kind and sympathetic. So when you want to impress someone, look beyond what that person represents to you.

It’s quite easy to idolize someone and end up focusing on how they can help you in your professional and personal life. When you idolize someone, you feel a little apart from that person.

But when you see her for the human being that she is, you can recognize that she probably doesn’t have a life very different from yours.

Maybe she also likes to have fun with her friends, brag about her kids, discuss sports, etc. Thinking this way helps to close the distance you unconsciously put between you.

Therefore, asking about the person’s interests, making a joke, or even disagreeing in a friendly way, becomes much more feasible when you see that person as a human being and not with their social role.




These are the best tips to follow if you want to impress someone. It’s not easy, but with practice, everything can be done.

I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you!


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