How to boost your creativity?

How to boost your creativity?

Yes, it’s possible to boost your creativity through certain activities and stimuli. By conducting certain activities, it is possible to foster your inventive mind.

Creativity is an extremely subjective concept, so it is particularly difficult to directly answer how to boost it. Remembering that creativity is an important asset for those who produce and sell content.

Whether in videos on YouTube, in books, or online courses. Therefore, for a person who makes a living from content production, effectively performing this work takes ideas and creativity.

In this post, I will share with you some of the simple and natural ways to boost your creativity that I use.


how to boos your creativity


1. Long walks

Starting to walk around the city or in a park is a fantastic way to unleash your creativity. The best thing is to walk through places that we are not used to and that we do not know.

By walking in places you don’t know, you discover new things every day, and this uniquely increases your creativity. If you can, it’s always better to do your walks in places where you don’t have to stop constantly.

Maybe on a beach, in a park, not in a place with traffic lights or cars. Always try to seek peace.

2. Consume content

This second habit is perfect to combine with the first. During your walks, you can consume content, listening to something with your headphones.

Who produces content has to consume a lot of content too, it makes part of the process. For example, people who write skilfully only write that way because they read a lot.

Nowadays, everything becomes easier because there are thousands of audiobooks to listen to. And in this way, it becomes easier to combine your walks with the consumption of content.

You just need your headphones, and you can listen to an interesting book or podcast. With this content consumption, your ideas will quickly appear, so it’s something that boosts your creativity.



3. Something that entertains you

For me, this thing is FIFA. You have to find something where you can vent your energy. Something that puts you at ease and helps you deactivate from your ideas and problems. This item for me is FIFA, for you, it can be anything else.

A quiet hobby will bring you creativity for sure. For example the muscles, you go to the gym, but your muscles only grow when you are resting.

The same thing applies to your inventive mind, which only generates ideas when resting.

4. Release your energy

This hack is slightly related to three. Finding something where you can spend and release your energy is extremely useful.

Playing an instrument is a splendid example. When playing drums or guitar, you release a huge amount of well-being and satisfaction hormones. In addition to making you feel less stressed.

It’s amazing how this simple habit boosts your creativity and attracts creative energies.

5. Practice sport

Sport is a very mind-opening thing. Everyday must contain a little time dedicated strictly to the sport. Whether to go for a walk, ride a bike, or go to the gym, among many other sports that you can practice.

If that sport that your daily practice is in the water or involves nature, it is an even greater bonus of creativity.

Whenever you do some physical activity, your body releases endorphins, which are hormones that make you feel better. In this good mood, you will be more creative.

That’s why sport is a great magnet of creativity and a great friend for those who need performance, in terms of content production.




6. Living in a place that brings peace

Living in a place that allows you to have peace in your spirit is priceless. Try to live in places with a balcony, or a window where you can be in contact with a landscape that pacifies you.

You can’t imagine the difference it makes in the head of a human being, especially a creative human being. You don’t need to be in a very luxurious place, just in a quieter one, further from the city, away from all the confusion.

If you are looking for a place to be productive and creative, look for one that has a view, that calms you down and leaves you in peace

7. Gratitude journal

This hack looks simple and useless, but it isn’t. You should keep a gratitude journal every day, where you write why you are happiest and most grateful.

Writing in your diary every day forces you to be creative to think about what you are most grateful for. The diary also serves as a pray, it is in the bible that the best type of praying is to thank for what you have.

I see a lot of people without results, and the way they pray is by asking God. Unlike these people, successful people pray and give thanks for the things they have and for the things they don’t.

Writing different stuff everyday in your gratitude journal, makes you feed your creativity by having to think of new ideas. 


how to boos your creativity



I hope some of these seven hacks have added value to you and that you enjoyed the post.

I’m happy and grateful to have you reading this post. Thank you!


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