How to be charismatic

How to be charismatic without a big effort


In this post, you will learn how to be charismatic, in a natural way, without needing a lot of effort. I’m going to talk about some habits that you can adopt that are amazingly simple and will adapt to your day-to-day life spontaneously.

They are habits that seem quite obvious at first and quite characteristic of a charismatic person but which are highly efficient.


How to be charismatic, which habits should I follow?


  1. Smiling
  2. Cheer people up
  3. Raise the vibe
  4. Actively listen to others


How to be charismatic


1. Smiling

The first habit that we detect in a charismatic and friendly person is his smile.

Smiling is indeed one of the quickest ways to make a good impression and, at the same time, cheer up those around you. But of course, because it’s super easy to do, many people know how to use that fake smile to take advantage of the power of this habit.

We unconsciously learn to detect whether this smile is genuine or not. Through a person’s facial expression, we can detect the signals and get a response if she is trying to use that to manipulate us. And because we realize that, sometimes we can lose our confidence in that person.

With that in mind, you shouldn’t smile falsely either if you want to understand how to be charismatic. You must permit yourself to be amused and smile at things in a way that shows a genuine and charming smile.

Of course, it seems obvious, but haven’t you stopped yourself from smiling or finding something funny at any moment? Probably, the answer is yes. This happens many times because we are afraid of what others will think of us.

But believe me, laughing at ourselves in certain situations becomes extremely charismatic.

Sometimes we don’t laugh, and we avoid smiling because we think that to be charismatic, it is necessary to be the leader of the group or the person who always expresses his opinions.

When we develop this competitive mindset, we just try to get others to laugh at our jokes instead of laughing at other people’s jokes. That’s just an ego trap, and that’s not why you’ll be more respected in your work environment or your group of friends.

It may seem difficult, but in fact, making people around you feel special and funny is clearly a wonderful way to be charismatic. That’s why the second habit to how to be charismatic is



2. Cheer people up

Often, someone makes a joke to express their sarcastic humor, and they end up dragging the other person down. In those moments, you should take the opportunity to cheer that person up.

Offensive jokes are quite common among many men who grew up listening to jokes of this genre. There is no problem with that, but as I said, you should take the opportunity to support him in that conversation. 

Another example. Imagine that your friend made a joke without a joke. Instead of you laughing in his face, you can try to enhance his joke and make your group of friends find it funny.

You gain the support of others when you laugh with your friend and not at your friend. And even if your friends unite and laugh at you, it’s always better to side with the person who said something which wasn’t funny.

But remember, I’m not saying you can never make fun of the other person or laugh at a joke about them. You just have to try to be balanced and use your creativity to praise her at the same time. In other words, you can make fun of your friends, but you also have to be positive with them.

I believe that for you to express positive emotions, you cannot force yourself to behave like other people and simply let your energy align with others. You should try to be yourself and not as boring people.

You must raise the energy of the conversation.


How to be charismatic


3. Raise the vibe

This is an extremely powerful habit, but it is not easy to use right away as your enthusiasm is always above other people’s.

Raising our energy and enthusiasm can be something we fear because we always have the habit of acting more or less equal to the group.

But believe me, when you participate in conversations with above average energy, playfully and different from other people, they usually appreciate this kind of attitude a lot. Even when we are in a more professional environment like work, we always like to hear that life should be taken lightly and more peacefully.

Therefore, in professional or normal situations, try to have fun. Don’t try to be normal, even if it means you have to be the first or only one to show enthusiasm.

By doing this, you will feel much more positive, relaxed, and happy with the situation and your day.


How to be charismatic


4. Actively listen to others

The last habit to teach you how to be charismatic is actively listening to others. This practice makes you very friendly in a natural way because you make other people feel good and heard.

We’ve already seen how you can make others feel good through jokes but listening to others is also highly effective. It is also something very subtle and does not require a significant effort to be done, isn’t it?

For you to become an active listener, you can try to listen and repeat one of the phrases that the person just told you.

The funny thing about this habit is that it goes very unnoticed. The person starts to feel good about talking to you but doesn’t know exactly why. Makes them think, I don’t know why but I just enjoy talking to this person.

When you pay attention to what the other person is saying to you and establish eye contact, they unconsciously feel heard and special.





Those were the habits of how to be charming. What I think we get out of this reflection is that there are many ways to be nice and make others feel good, but when we also feel good about ourselves, it mirrors and raises all the vibe.

Consequently, when you are happy and genuinely express your happiness through your smile and support other people, you make others see you as a much more charismatic person.

I hope you enjoyed it! Thank you!


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