How to be brave

How to be brave under pressure

It doesn’t matter if you are for others, someone weak and doesn’t face anyone. Even so, you can become someone who passes a powerful image and commands respect. That’s why in this post, I’m going to show you some ways to show you’re brave under pressure.

I’m going to give you some habits to convey and feel extremely confident in any situation.

How to be brave in every situation?


  1. Modify your body language
  2. Change the way you speak
  3. Be stoic
  4. Be irreplaceable
  5. Accept fail


How to be brave under pressure



1. Modify your body language

Sometimes we think that conveying courage is showing that in a situation of struggle, we would not be afraid to face it. But that’s a lie. You will not command respect by starting fights or making fun of people.

You will only look like an idiot and probably take a beating.

If you want to show that you are brave and that you know how to deal with pressure in this type of situation, you should use eye contact. Establishing eye contact during a high-pressure situation projects extreme confidence.

Many times for you to show that you are brave, for example, in a fight, not being the first to look away, works. But it’s also true that if you never look away during a conflict, you’re likely to create more hostility.

Any of the situations in which you do this can result in you being injured or hurt. That’s why most people just make submissive eye contact, looking down several times, because they fear conflict. 

And doing it in a submissive or direct manner gives a quite different impression from what your intention is.

So, if you want to defuse the tension without appearing weak and creating more hostility, hold eye contact for three to four seconds, then shift your gaze to the side instead of down. You can also put your shoulders back and your chest out.

These seem like slight changes, but these small adjustments to your look and posture give you a much more powerful presence.



2. Change the way you speak

In addition to body language, you can also command more respect by changing the way you speak.

A person nervous about the situation speaks quickly and without pauses between his sentences. A confident person has a slow pace of speech and uses pauses between words to capture people’s attention.

These pauses are moments when you are not talking but ironically attract people. This happens specifically when you take a break when people most want to hear what you have to say. It’s very impressive when you do that.

Talking this way is easier if you feel really confident. So how can you feel more courageous in situations that make you nervous?


How to be brave under pressure


3. Be stoic

Remember that we all have limited time on earth. Thinking this is not to depress you but to help you build stoic courage to live life to the fullest.

If you remember that life is short, it can free you up to take risks. You work up the courage to talk to that girl, ask for a job promotion, or quit the job you hate.

You learn to stop caring about what others say or think of you. Don’t be reckless but live the way you want while you have the chance. Building that kind of confidence is as simple as reflecting on the fact that life is short every morning. That’s how you get to be brave under pressure.

Think how differently you would live if you knew you were going to leave earth in 5 years. You don’t have to be too extreme, but it can help you prioritize what’s important and stop putting off the life you’ve always wanted to live.



4. Be irreplaceable.

Becoming irreplaceable is a wonderful way to be brave in inconvenient situations.

If your employer or your customers think you are irreplaceable, they will do anything to keep you. This also applies to a love relationship. The frustrating part for many people is what makes someone irreplaceable, as it often doesn’t seem fair.

Those who work the hardest don’t always get promoted, and the most charismatic person isn’t always the most successful in romantic relationships. This is because, for most people, getting what you want in life is a mixture of two things.

Your skill at it and your ability to get people to like and respect you. That is the power of charisma. When you have that, the world opens up to you.

People think that being irreplaceable obligates us to be perfect in doing something. That is not true. Sometimes we just have to be us. Try to do things as we were asked but add what is ours and that no one else has.


How to be brave under pressure


5. Accept fail

Contrary to what many people think, failing is not wrong, nor does it make you worse at what you were trying to do. If you want to know how to be brave, first, you have to know how to deal with failures and mistakes.

The secret is not in the number of times you fail. It is in the speed you take to get up and do it again. Failure is part of the process and must be taken lightly.

Instead of being sad or down about your failure, you have to turn around and look at it as a way of learning. For that, you need to be resilient and build a growth mindset. When you have a growth mindset, you believe you can learn from your mistake and go forward.




These were the best five tips for you to know how to be brave under pressure. It’s not easy, of course, but by following these tips, you will turn yourself into a more confident person.

I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you!


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