Tools to be an influencer

How to be an influencer (Tools)

In this post, I’m going to talk a little about the tools that people whose profession is influencer need. Remembering that, just as doctors need to have their work tools, digital influencers also have a list of elements they need to work properly.

The first step for you to become a remarkable influencer is to take your profession seriously. Many people want to lead an influencer life but at the same time have a regular job and end up neither doing one nor doing the other.

The people who make money and who aggregate value to thousands of people are the ones who make it a profession. Let’s talk about the tools.


Tools to be an influencer


1. iPhone

All the influencers need an iPhone. There is no room for Samsung, Huawei, or any other alternative brand. Why is that?

Instagram’s software is made to work on Apple operating system. If you look back at the beginnings of Instagram, only apple phones had access to Instagram.

Currently, Instagram works on other phones, but if you see the stories on non-apple phones, you will notice an enormous difference.

Consequently, for you to open a bakery, you need to buy an oven, a cash register, and bread dough, among many other things. Likewise, influencers need equipment, and if you take it seriously, you have an iPhone.

An iPhone with the best camera and the best internal space possible.  Because it happens many times, you are recording something and suddenly you run out of space, and nothing is stored.

If you manage to have two phones, it will be even better. Imagine that you lose one of your phones, or it is stolen, or it gets damaged. This way, you are not dependent on going to another store to buy another phone or waiting for yours to be fixed, you always have a backup.

Having two phones also allows you to use one to record the video and the other to capture the audio.


Tools to be an influencer


2. Headphones

For people who work with Instagram, content production, with online courses, more important than the camera quality is the audio quality. With the headphones, you can use his microphone to capture the audio for your videos and stories.

It’s extremely useful because they can connect through Bluetooth, which makes the recording process a lot easier. It also has the same utility if you prefer to use a lapel microphone.

It’s also very handy to consume content while in the car or on a walk. Being an influencer and creating content, consuming content is also part of the process of being creative and producing new things.



3. Floor tripod

If you want to be a successful influencer, having a ground tripod is extremely important. The height of it must reach more or less up to your chest so that the recording is centered and focused.

These tripods are very practical, as you can take them apart and take them anywhere you need to record. It’s something that can’t be missed in the life of an influencer for the videos and stories to be of quality.

4. Table tripod

A table tripod is also something especially important in the life of an influencer.

If you only have the floor tripod, it’s also good for everything. But if you can afford the table tripod, it’s more practical to take it to places on the street where you want to record something.

This tripod also serves to make lives or calls and the same time to be able to be closer to the device that films you.



5. External chargers

External chargers are another super useful tool. Having one of these chargers allows you to go work at a coffee shop and not be dependent on being close to a socket.

It’s inevitable if you work with social networks, you will use your devices a lot. Consequently, you will need to charge your devices many times a day.

The external charger gives you the freedom to use your computer or do anything else while your phone charges, for example. A self-respecting influencer needs to have at least two or three of these types of chargers.

Remember, unlike other entrepreneurs, you don’t need to pay rent for the company headquarters, and you don’t need to buy an oven or a cash register. But you need to treat your influencer profession like a business, investing in these things.

6. Laptop

You need a laptop, you can’t do everything with just the phone, especially editing videos. On mobile, they look bad.

Also, for the production of content, if you want to write something, watch something, or play a game, the computer offers all these features. Not to mention that a laptop is also easy to carry everywhere, to travel, to go to a cafe, to a park.


Tools to be an influencer


7. Videomaker

Something that an influencer also misses is a video maker. You need one, be it fixed or receiving a value for each video you edit. At the beginning of your career, you will be able to do everything, but as you grow, you need to focus only on your job.

Only in content production, sales, and providing service to your follower and your customer. The boring and technical part, editing, synchronizing audio, cutting breath, you have to leave it to someone else.

8. USB tower

Used to charge different devices. While you’re sleeping, you can charge your two phones, your headphones, and your power bang. This facilitates all your processes and takes the worry out of not knowing where and when you will be able to load everything.




These were the tools all digital influencers need to have a successful career. Remembering that, you need to have the mentality that this is your profession, and that’s why you should take it very seriously.

You have to be proud of being a content producer of being digital authority.

I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you!


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