Best jobs for immigrants

How to work in the United States (best jobs for immigrants)

Some people have to immigrate in search of a better life than the one they have in their country. Therefore, in this post, I will tell you which are the best jobs for immigrants in the United States.

Jobs that are simple to do, where you don’t need many qualifications, and where you can earn a good salary for what you are doing.

So, for those who are thinking about going to the United States, here are the best jobs for immigrants. 


Best jobs for immigrants


1. Caregiver

The American population is aging, many old people are retiring, and for that, they need a caregiver.

That is, they need a person to stay with them at home, to help to go to the bathroom, transport things, and cook, among many others household tasks. There is an exceptionally large caregiver market in the United States, and Americans do not like to do this type of work.

The good thing about it is that you just need to place an ad on craigslist, and you will be contacted either by the elderly person or by his family.



2. Uber/Lyft driver

This profession is slightly recent, only been around for a few years. Being an Uber driver is a profession that many foreigners within the United States choose to earn some money.

It’s extremely easy to become an Uber driver in the United States. You just need to have a car, yours or someone else’s, and have your driving license, which is quite simple to transfer to a national license and register with Uber.

Their filter in this country is almost zero, which is why the United States is the easiest and most liberal country for immigrants.

And the person who works as an Uber driver can also be a Lyft driver, which is the same thing but on a different platform. So, you get to have two sources of income in one job.



3. Busboy

A busboy is a person who works in a restaurant helping to clean the dishes, clean the tables, set the tables, and organize the room among other things. Is the person who helps the waiter.

The waiter has more role in this job. He has to interact with the customers, he has to know how to speak English, needs to have his documents, and he earns tips for doing this.

In the United States, it is customary to give twenty percent of the value of the meal to the waiter.

To be a busboy, you don’t need social security, a green card, or other requirements. You can earn some money under the table without paying taxes.


Best jobs for immigrants


4. Home Depot pawn

There is a building materials store, incredibly famous in the United States, called Home Depot. This store sells everything needed to build your house people go there to buy materials and furniture.

This is where the Home Depot pawn job comes in. These people are usually in the store parking lot, just waiting for someone to tell them to come work at their house that day.

These peons do housework, carry rubbish, lay the floor, work in the kitchen, whatever. They normally earn ten to fifteen dollars an hour, which is a great salary compared to the standards in many countries.

So, if you want this kind of job, just stay outside of the Home Depot, and wait for someone to call you.


Best jobs for immigrants


5. Au Pair / Babysitter

Au Pair are those exchange programs where you go to the United States, live with a family, take care of children, and learn English. The au pair upgrade is babysitting.

It’s not an overly complicated job, normally, the babysitter entertains the child by giving him the iPad or watching television, and she stays on the phone.

The babysitter earns about twenty dollars an hour, and in New York, she can be up to thirty just to take care of children. Turns out to be a more lucrative job than some important positions in society, as sometimes babysitters are paid under the table.

To be a babysitter, you just need to sign up for craigslist or in a Facebook group and wait for someone to contact you, it’s extremely easy to get this type of job.



6. Dog Walker

This profession is based on walking other people’s dogs. People who don’t have time or patience to walk their dog every day and pay a third party to do it.

These people usually receive twenty-five dollars per dog that they walk. Nobody says that you can’t walk more than one dog at the same time, so do the math of how much money you can earn easily without too many worries.

If you want to dig deeper, you can also offer to let the dogs stay overnight at your house. While the rich owner goes away, you take care of his dog at your house.

Once again, this job allows you to earn some money on the side, so that’s why this is one of the best jobs for immigrants.



7. Escort

People are very needy in the United States and men are lazy. That is why a lot of people join websites to hire an escort.

Prostitution is illegal, yes, but an escort is not a prostitute, it’s just a companion. And, with that, the government cannot interfere.

It is also a job that pays a great salary in the United States, so if you are a girl, who wants to learn English, live in this country, and have no qualms, this is a good profession.

This is a worthy profession, like any other, you are selling your hour for money, just like a person who works at the supermarket cashier, who also sells his hour for money.




The best job for immigrants is to be a digital nomad. You work in someone else’s country, and if you get tired, you take a plane and go to another country. Just open the laptop and work.

I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you!


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