Apps for traveling

Apps for traveling

This post will show you the best apps for traveling around the world.

These are the most important apps for those who like to travel from one place to another, as a digital nomad does. They facilitate all the paths and processes that you need to go through during a trip.


Apps for traveling


1. Skyscanner

There are several competitors of this application, but none of them can be as complete and as useful as Skyscanner.

The advantage of this app is that, when you want to look for plane tickets, in addition to dictating the cheapest ones, it offers you stopovers through two separate companies.

The Skyscanner algorithm can make a reservation with a large company like Star Alliance, combined with a low-cost reservation and all-in-one payment.

Another great advantage is the fact that the tickets are cheaper because you are not under the influence of cookies and external algorithms that exist on airline ticket websites.

So stay tuned and download this app because it’s really useful.


Apps for traveling


2. Google Translate

Even if you speak many languages, it is always extremely difficult to understand most of the languages on the planet. Consequently, you need a tool that helps you understand and communicate with local people.

Within Google Translator, there is a function called Google Lens, which is pretty simple to use. You just need to point your phone’s camera at the text you do not understand, automatically translating everything.

Even without the internet, you can translate whatever you want. You just need to download the dictionary of that language, which is fantastic.

It looks like a simple app that everyone already uses, but a lot of people don’t know about this function, so it’s another one of the great apps for traveling.



3. Rome2Rio

This app is unknown to many, but it is also particularly important. Consists of placing a journey from point A to point B, and it gives you every option on how you can get around.

Indicates the journey by car, boat, bus, plane, or ride, with all at the best prices and routes. You can save considerable time and a lot of money just by doing your research on Rome2Rio.

For example, if you want to go from Vienna in Austria to Belgrade in Serbia, the app will show you a bus or will give you a cheaper plane connection in Istanbul, among many other options.

So Rome2Rio, especially for that person who has a tighter budget, is a significant help.



4. been

This app is not extremely useful to save your life like others, more if you want to be conceited.

When you visit a new country, register it in the app, and the application’s map will populate with the countries that you have been to.

And then, it shows a beautiful globe running with all the countries you’ve visited. If you don’t like the been, there is a similar one called MarkoTravel, but the substantial difference between them is the colors and the interactivity.



5. Ubook 

Ubook is also a useful tool for those who travel because it helps you when you are without the internet while traveling by car or by plane. Just put on some headphones and listen to the audiobook.

You don’t waste time when you are moving to another place, you are consuming and getting knowledge.

You just need to put play on a book you want, and someone reads it for you. There is another alternative which is Audible, but it serves the same thing.

The only difference between the two is that Ubook has more titles in Portuguese while Audible has mostly books in English.



6. Booking  

Booking is better than Airbnb. Not only because it includes hotels and apartments but also because it fits those people who like to schedule trips at the last minute.

A lot of people don’t understand this, but hotels are cheaper when bought at the last minute. This happens because the hotels place the remaining rooms for sale on booking at great discounts.

Especially when you join Genius, which is the Booking’s fidelity program. You get fantastic discounts just for booking your room at the last minute.

Another downside of Airbnb is that if you make a reservation, you need to wait until the Airbnb host accepts you, as they have up to 24 hours to do it. Many times the person does not even see your email and never accepts you.

Consequently, you may end up with nowhere to go. Using Booking, it’s all on time, make the reservation, pay, and then your place is just waiting for you to arrive. There is no risk.

And if by any chance the person refuses your reservation, which is extremely rare, the app gives you another better option for the same price. That’s why I prefer Booking instead of Airbnb.

Booking and Airbnb are also two reliable sources of passive income, and it’s not too difficult to earn money with them.


Apps for traveling


7. TinderGold

Tinder Gold is an amazing app for those who travel the world. Imagine that today you are in Brazil, but tomorrow you will catch a flight to the Dominic Republic, and you don’t know anybody.

With this app, you can start talking with local people before you get there. Sometimes you don’t even have to pay for the hotel, because you met someone, and you just stay at their place.

Far beyond what people think about Tinder, in addition to being one of the best apps for traveling, it also works as a great networking app. This way you get to know people in every country you might go to.


Apps for traveling



These were the seven most important apps for traveling. These apps will make your travels easier and help you when you need them most.

I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you!


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